Why We Don’t Allow New Students to Invert in Pole Class (And Why Safety is Always in Style)

by | Jan 28, 2024

Pole dancing has become the go-to workout for those seeking a blend of fitness and sass, but let’s be real – it’s not all about perfecting those gravity-defying inversions from day one. In fact, here at Waikapu Danceworks (& The Pole Room), we have a strict rule: no newbies flipping upside down until they’ve earned their pole stripes in a 6-Week Intro Series. Why? Because safety isn’t just a trend; it’s a lifestyle.

Safety: The Ultimate Accessory

Darlings, we wouldn’t be doing our job if we didn’t prioritize safety above all else. While the idea of hanging upside down like a glamorous bat might sound like fun, without proper guidance and technique, it’s a recipe for disaster. We’re all about keeping our pole stars shining bright, which is why we’ve got to ensure our students are prepped and ready to take flight without crash-landing.

Slow and Steady Wins the Race

In the world of pole dancing, patience is more than just a virtue – it’s a necessity. We get it, you’re itching to defy gravity and unleash your inner Cirque du Soleil acrobat, but Rome wasn’t built in a day, babes. By starting with the basics – spins, climbs, and holds – we’re laying the foundation for a pole empire that’s as sturdy as it is glamorous. Trust us, those inversions will taste even sweeter when you’ve earned them.

Flex Those Muscles (But Not Too Soon)

Picture this: You’re mid-inversion, feeling fierce as heck, when suddenly…ouch. Without the proper muscle strength and stability, even the simplest of inversions can leave you feeling like a dropped martini glass – shattered. That’s why we’re all about building up those muscles gradually. Through targeted conditioning exercises and killer pole sequences, you’ll be flexing those biceps like a boss in no time.

Body Awareness: Own It, Honey

Pole dancing isn’t just about looking and feeling fabulous (although, let’s be real, it’s a major bonus). It’s about owning your body, inside and out. From engaging those core muscles to finding your inner pole goddess, body awareness is key to mastering the art of pole dancing. By tuning into your body’s cues and knowing when to dial it back or turn it up, you’ll be slaying the pole game like a true queen.

In the end, it’s all about strutting your stuff with confidence, grace, and a healthy dose of sass. So, while we might not let you invert on day one, trust us – it’s worth the wait. After all, safety never goes out of style, and neither does being a fabulous pole dancer at Waikapu Danceworks!