What To Expect In Your First Class At Waikapu Danceworks

by | Jan 20, 2024

Trying something new can be scary, so let us take away some of the first-time jitters with this brief overview of what to expect and what to wear to some of our most popular classes:

Pole Dancing

First off, it’s NOT stripping! Pole Dance Fitness is a form of performance art, which combines dance and acrobatics centered on a vertical pole. This art form has recently gained popularity as a form of fitness and mainstream entertainment, practiced by many enthusiasts in gyms and in dedicated dance studios. A wide range of amateur and professional competitions are held in many countries around the world.

Pole dance requires significant strength, flexibility and endurance. It involves athletic moves such as climbs, spins, and body inversions using the limbs to grip. Upper body and core strength are required to attain proficiency, and rigorous training is necessary.

First class: As a beginner, we HIGHLY RECOMMEND you take a beginning level 6-week series, or you can drop-in to the Mixed Level classes. The intro series will give you the solid foundation you need to grow and you will be working with all new students, so it’s not quite as intimidating. Please be aware that a Mixed-level class features all levels of students; however, you will still learn moves according to your specific level and ability. Inversions are NEVER allowed in your first class. Instructor permission is required, and generally takes about 6-10 classes before allowed. Expect light bruising and a tough workout!

What to Wear: In general, more skin makes this class easier (ie booty shorts), but for your first class, just wear what you would to a yoga class. No nudity. No jewelry. No shoes.

Aerial Lyra

Aerial Lyra (also known as the aerial hoop, ring, or cerceau – cerceaux) is a circular steel apparatus (resembling a Hula hoop) suspended from the ceiling, on which participants may perform aerial acrobatics and bendy contortions.

First class: Expect some discomfort on the ring–it’s a hard piece of steel! Bruising is also common in your first few classes. Some participants may also feel dizzy, since the ring is often spinning while you’re on it.

What to Wear: Please wear close-fitting leggings or capris to help alleviate any pain on the knees and shins. A close-fitting top is a necessity, so it does not ride-up over your head while upside down. No shoes or jewelry. I know the picture shows our lovely instructor with flowing hair, but you’ll definitely feel more comfortable with your securely up.

Aerial Silks

Aerial Silks (also known as aerial contortion, aerial ribbons, aerial tissues or tissu) is a type of performance in which one or more artists perform aerial maneuvers while hanging from a special fabric. Performers climb the suspended fabric without the use of safety lines, and rely only on their training and skill to ensure safety. They use the fabric to wrap, suspend, swing, and spiral their bodies into and out of various positions.

First class: Please understand that classes will be taught to each individual’s level. Beginning students will learn beginning moves and intermediate – advanced students will progress at their own level within the same class.

What to wear: Please wear long leggings and a close-fitting top or leotard to avoid friction burns on the fabric. We also recommend a t-shirt vs a tank top. No jewelry allowed while on the fabric. We also ask that you keep nails short to avoid snagging the fabric. No shoes.

Aerial Yoga

Aerial yoga uses the silk swing to support the weight of the body so you can attain optimal alignment in yoga asana. Decompress the spine while strengthening the core muscles, access deeper backbends, and sustain challenging inversions. The apparatus gives access to deeper backbends and the ability to sustain challenging inversions. With practice the swing becomes your partner in practice, shifting your awareness to every edge of your body. Experience length, strength and depth like never before.

First class: Due to muscle tighness, it’s not unusual to experience pressure and even slight pain in the areas where the fabric touches. It’s also common to feel a little bit of motion sickness. Just remember to be gentle with yourself on the first class!

What to Wear: Please wear close-fitting leggings or capris and a t-shirt. No shoes or jewelry. NO TANK TOPS! You will not be able to participate in class in a tank top. We also ask that you keep nails short to avoid snagging the fabric.

Barre, Flexibility, & Dance

For our flexibility, dance, and barre classes, you will not need shoes unless specified (Social dance requires shoes). Just wear something comfortable. You may also want sticky socks in Barre class, though they are not required. These can be purchased at the front desk.


There is no nudity in Burlesque class, so you do need clothes. ? Wear something comfortable and bring a pair of heels you can actually walk in, preferably with an ankle strap. Your instructor will let you know if there are specific pieces you need for class.


Bungee class is awesome and it will be even more awesome if you wear athletic shoes and proper under garments. A good bra can do wonders for comfort!


ShaktiRize is heated, so we recommend you bring your own mat, a towel, extra water, and dress for the heat. Most people wear a good bra, shorts, and a tank. No shoes.

All Other Classes

The rule of thumb is dress for fitness–comfy clothes you can move in, proper underthings, and don’t forget your water bottle. Bring your own yoga mat if you can, as there is a limited supply at the studio. Shoes are generally optional, and your instructor will let you know if you need anything specific. And always bring water!